Talks and lectures in architecture play a crucial role in fostering intellectual curiosity, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, and inspiring future generations of architects to create buildings and spaces that enrich the lives of people and communities.


  • Architecture as a Critical and Diagnostic Instrument in Urbanism

    Lecture by Dominic Papa to students from the Universidad de la República, UK, 04-07-2022\

  • Dense and Green

    Lecture by Jonathan Woodroffe at Green Urbanscape Asia Conference, UK, 09-11-2017\

  • Forms of Collaboration

    Presentation by Caro Gilardi to Gomez Platero, UK, 24-01-2023\

  • Garden Cities Past and Present. Potential morphologies explored

    Lecture by Dominic Papa for The Urban Design Group, London, UK, 29-09-2017\
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  • Hidden Homelessness

    Lecture by Dominic Papa for The Housing Comitee, London, UK, 23-03-2017\
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  • Improving Mixed Use\New Models of Affordable Housing

    Lecture by Dominic Papa for Mirvac Design, UK, 15-02-2023\

  • New Active Grounds – Associationism, Cooperation and Civic Life

    Lecture by Dominic Papa at Novembertalks 2021, UK, 21-11-2006\
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  • The City of Housing Series

    Lecture by Jonathan Woodroffe, Peter Behrens School of Arts in Düsseldorf, UK, 05-02-2018\
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  • The New European Bauhaus. Let’s talk about building without carbon footprint

    NEB ARCHITEKTURA konspekt_2022 Conference debate with Jonathan Woodroffe, UK, 08-01-2022\

  • Towards a New Socialopolis

    Lecture by Dominic Papa, UK, 08-03-2018\

  • Workspace Neighbourhoods

    Lecture by Dominic Papa, UK, 28-11-2017\