What Matters Most

What matters most is to improve the liveability, self-sufficiency, and resilience of the built environment - for everyone

With this objective in mind, we work closely with clients to enhance social, economic, and environmental value - one project at a time


Why do words matter?
Our words represent our beliefs, morals, prejudices, and principles—sometimes in ways we may not mean—and can shape an audience’s perceptions of us as well as the issues about which we speak and write.


We believe that sharing our published work can contribute to a more collaborative and innovative industry, as well as promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge-sharing.



Talks and lectures in architecture play a crucial role in fostering intellectual curiosity, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, and inspiring future generations of architects to create buildings and spaces that enrich the lives of people and communities.


  • Architecture as a Critical and Diagnostic Instrument in Urbanism

    Lecture by Dominic Papa to students from the Universidad de la República, UK, 04-07-2022\

  • Dense and Green

    Lecture by Jonathan Woodroffe at Green Urbanscape Asia Conference, UK, 09-11-2017\

  • Forms of Collaboration

    Presentation by Caro Gilardi to Gomez Platero, UK, 24-01-2023\

  • Garden Cities Past and Present. Potential morphologies explored

    Lecture by Dominic Papa for The Urban Design Group, London, UK, 29-09-2017\
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  • Hidden Homelessness

    Lecture by Dominic Papa for The Housing Comitee, London, UK, 23-03-2017\
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  • Improving Mixed Use\New Models of Affordable Housing

    Lecture by Dominic Papa for Mirvac Design, UK, 15-02-2023\

  • New Active Grounds – Associationism, Cooperation and Civic Life

    Lecture by Dominic Papa at Novembertalks 2021, UK, 21-11-2006\
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  • The City of Housing Series

    Lecture by Jonathan Woodroffe, Peter Behrens School of Arts in Düsseldorf, UK, 05-02-2018\
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  • The New European Bauhaus. Let’s talk about building without carbon footprint

    NEB ARCHITEKTURA konspekt_2022 Conference debate with Jonathan Woodroffe, UK, 08-01-2022\

  • Towards a New Socialopolis

    Lecture by Dominic Papa, UK, 08-03-2018\

  • Workspace Neighbourhoods

    Lecture by Dominic Papa, UK, 28-11-2017\


What clients, colleagues and journalists say about how we work, think and deliver projects.


  • “A very well managed and innovative practice. Integrates well into the wider team showing joined-up thinking and passion for resolving complex issues.”
    Project: Arch Street, London\
    Quote: Richard Orawe Pre-commencement Director, Galliford Try\

  • “What was a pioneering and ambitious project at its conception, employing multiple teams of architects, has achieved a very successful outcome over a long-time span. It demonstrates excellent use of site, astutely integrating a series of streets and public spaces - as well as the original heritage building - into the design. The layering of space from public to private is sophisticated; the traffic planning is well handled, with underground parking freeing up space for a pedestrian and landscape focus. A great result from a developer-driven project.”
    Project: Beaumont Quarter\
    Quote: The New Zealand Institute of Architecture\

  • “Studio Woodroffe Papa worked diligently and professionally and were a valued partner on this successful project. We would welcome the opportunity to work with them again.”
    Project: Bircham Park MSCP\
    Quote: Chris Bainbridge, Project Manager, Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd\

  • “Feedback from our buyers is very positive and I am very hopeful that the design of the accommodation results in a real sense of community for all the occupiers in close proximity to the surrounding Spa Terminus led regeneration of the railway arches into a vibrant artisan food production hub.”
    Project: Dockley Apartments\
    Quote: James Allen, Matching Green\

  • “The practice’s Tarling Regeneration in Shadwell is a rare and serious piece of urban housing.”
    Project: James Voller Way\
    Quote: Edwin Heathcote, The Financial Times\

  • “The urban design strategies were comprehensive and detailed. They were backed by sound design principles, keen observations and understanding of how an attractive and livable neighbourhood district should be planned and designed. They were also well suited for the local context, highly implementable and adaptable to meet changing needs over time.”
    Project: Jurong Lake District\
    Quote: Fun Siew Leng, Chief Urban Designer, Urban Redevelopment of Singapore\

  • “For the city of Antwerp, Jonathan and his team are constructing a vision and spatial design of a complex urban project. They bring creative solutions to complex issues within a short period of time. The proposals are realistic, well substantiated and beautifully presented.”
    Project: Ringpark Groenendaal\
    Quote: Maarten Pluym, Project Leader, City of Antwerp\

  • “Studio Woodroffe Papa provided an excellent service as a key member of the winning Gateshead Big team, and carried this work forward into successful planning applications for Saltwell, designing fantastic homes.”
    Project: Saltwell and Bensham\
    Quote: Sean Egan, Director of Development, Home Group\

  • “Jonathan and his team provided us with a contextual storyline on a diverse mix of typologies on productivity in combination with housing for 10 different sites. His dedication, professionalism and ability to envision building typologies backed by a huge library of examples and related work made it pleasant and easy to work with him.”
    Project: The New Helmond Mix\
    Quote: Eric van der Kooij, Concept Developer, BPD (Bouwfonds Property Development)\


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