Combining Living and Learning on the Edge of a New City Park

The site for this mixed-use development is in Clichy-Batignolles, a new eco-district in Paris built on a former SNCF rail yard and centred around Martin Luther King Park. The eco-district embraces the ambitious Climate and Biodiversity plans of the City of Paris, has the first Parisian smart grid and became one of the earliest projects to receive Stage 4 Eco Equartier certification.

The challenge was to combine the required functions on a tight site located between the new park and boulevard, ensuring all public elements had direct accessibility to the street. Access to the housing, schools, sports facilities, and shops are positioned within a transparent, double-height gallery space aligned along the boulevard. Entrance halls and lobbies can be places for social interaction and help activate the street.

The schools’ activity rooms (library, music, art, dance and yoga) are orientated to the park, reinforcing a strong visual contact with the landscape. Above a 9-storey building contains different apartment units ranging from 1-bed studios to 4-bed maisonettes.

Clichy Batignolles
FR, Paris
Paris Habitat OPH
18,000 m2 social housing, creche, primary and secondary schools, retail and sports centre\
Site area: 0.6 ha\
Workscope: Competition\
Status: Delivered\
Team: Studio Woodroffe Papa\ Tania Concko Architects Urbanists\ Rémi Salles

Combining Living and Learning on the Edge of a New City Park