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Yenikapi City Archive, Istanbul, TR

1258 Undercroft View.jpg

Historically the region of Yenikapi has played an integral part in the long and glorious past of Istanbul, but in many ways now it is the forgotten quarter of the Historic Peninsula. With this urban intervention, in collaboration with Terry Farrells, the concept was to reimagine the area in terms of an important infrastructure node within the city yet protect the rich archaeological heritage underfoot yet to be excavated. 

1258 Site Plan Archaeo-Park Archive.jpg

Site plan of the Archaeo-Park + City Archive

1 - City Archive

2 - Namik Kamel square + boulevard

Shared surface public carpet welcoming visitors and city dwellers from interchange to archive and park

3 - City wall

Restored historic wall with observation platform anchored to south elevation
4- Kuleboyu gate

Main public access to park
5 - Bostani pasture

Ecological restoration of Bostani dig with foraging potential. Display of preserved finds with outdoor education space.

6 - Vlanga forest

Cypress forest established around dig discoveries with intimate display of preserved finds.

7 -Abdullah Cavus Walk

Service access and observation walk,

8 - Asim Bey Walk

Two strata, archive to city connection and high level observation walk, gatehouse access control

9 - Katip Muslahaddin Walk

Neighbourhood park connection, gatehouse access control

10 - Sancaktar Walk

High level observation walk

11 - Bostan Ar.

Three strata observation walk and city street with park lodge gatehouse as access control

12 - Kuleboyu Walk

Main east-west park axis with intersect event spaces

13 - Davutpasa Iskelesi Sok

Western entry gate

14 - Helvaci Tahsin Sok

100 islands observation route

15 - 100 islands

Display of preserved finds.

16 - Katip Kasim Bostani

Terraced open air gallery and exhibition gardens with display of preserved finds.

The City Archive is placed into the proposed trench required for the train line, in an imagined state 20 years hence, following the systematic excavation and preservation process of the former Langa Bostani and city walls. People shall experience the site as an evolving journey, understanding the process of discovery through to exhibition. Both the park and the archive act as an expression of the Archaeological Process, a Chronology in urbanism leaving some objects as found, allowing the park to grow and mature around them.

1258 Gallery View.jpg

Interior view of the gallery spaces

The City archive is based on a looped circulation diagram with Internal gallery spaces located around the undercroft space, which serves as the main public space within the building. This undercroft space offers views back into the ever evolving Archeopark. The city archive can be entered from roof level, or park level, depending on the visitors point of arrival. A walkway within the Archaeopark connects to the roof of the city archive, bringing visitors to this new public space with views of the surrounding area.

1258 Concept Axo.jpg

Programme and organisation

1258 Floor Plan +02.jpg

Roof plan - landscaped public terraces with views over city

1258 Floor Plan +01.jpg

First floor plan - exhibition galleries, workshops and education space

1258 Floor Plan +00.jpg

Ground floor plan - external exhibition spaces, labs and education space

1258 Roofscape.jpg

Yenikapi City Archive, Istanbul, TR



City of Istanbul, International Design Competition


City Archive, Archaeo-park, Internal + External Exhibition, Office, Education Facility

Design Team

Farrells, ARUP, Studio Woodroffe Papa, Camlins

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