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Taichung Gateway Park, Taichung, TW

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How do we convert utility to amenity? We proposed to create a new forest where clearings within the park leave space for activities closely linked to the future surrounding development. It engages businesses and locals in a narrative that see the forest growing and where, from the very beginning of the project to its completion, delivers amenities to everyone.

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Green Coverage


Walkways + Plazas

Buildings + Amenities


The design concept was developed, based on the ancient Chinese philosophy, of The Yi Jing (The Book of Changes). In response to the site’s spatial characteristics and its surroundings, a dynamic conceptual framework of the park was formed by integrating the ‘three life forces’ and the ‘five elements’ of The Yi Jing with various plant species unique characteristics symbolized as the ‘seven dimensions’.

The 165ha park is sub-divided into five areas: an environmental protection park, a culture creation park, an eco-recreation park, the Taichung City Vision park and a wetland park.

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1248 Lake VISUAL.jpg
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Taichung Gateway Park, Taichung, TW



Client Taichung Authority


Multifunctional Urban Park


165 Ha

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