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Sweetwater and Eastwick, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Hackney, UK

Our design for the Yards draws the character of Hackney Wick and Fish Island into the masterplan at a key crossing point on the canal. The concept for the Yards is to create an urban fabric that sets up a finer grain of routes, connections and intimate spaces. The varied massing and articulation form a layered landscape with buildings of different heights. This contributes to the informality of the Yards and gives the area distinct character.

Sitewide Masterplan

Market Sale

Affordable - Shared Ownership

Community Land Trust

Build to Rent

Affordable Rent

Tenure Distribution

The proposed development consists of a cluster of yards, some of which are more private in nature - these are primarily residential - and yards that are more accessible and mixed-use.


The architecture, routes and landscape are conceived as a system of networking and activity environments that deliver diverse and well-connected spaces for working, living and gathering. The human proportions give a sense of conviviality and encourage interaction at street level.

Yard Typologies 01.jpg

Perimeter block + courtyard

Industrial Block + Yard

Open Block + Passage

Yard Typologies 02.jpg

Business Yard

Residential Yard

“ Yard spaces sit amongst industrial, live-work and commercial units. They are used as points of access, as temporary workspaces and for events. Their intimate human proportions encourage conviviality and allow for ground floor public-private interaction.”

-R. Brown, Creative Factories

Perseverance Works

1275_Yards Logo_perserverance.jpg

Regent's Quarter

1275_Yards Logo_regents quarter.jpg

llife Yard

1275_Yards Logo_illife.jpg

Central Saint Giles

1275_Yards Logo_st Giles.jpg
st giles 01.jpg

Access to housing from the street. The yard is more "business-orientated"

Double height residential lobby entrances off communal courtyard.

Access to housing from the yard. The yard as introduction to the housing.

Residential lobby as visual / physical link between the street and the yard.

Wicks Yard

Copper Street

Eastwick + Sweetwater, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Hackney, London, UK




Argent, Mace Group and Peabody


1,500 residential units

18,000 m2 commercial, retail + community uses

Site area

14 ha

Design team

Studio Woodroffe Papa, Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios, Architecture 00, Maccreanor Lavington


Studio Engleback, Space Hub

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