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Stephenson Street, Newham, London, UK

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Site Location Plan

1 - Project Site     2 - West Ham Bus Garage     3 - West Ham Station     4 - Bromley-by-Bow Station     5 - Olympic Park

Wider Masterplan: Mid Lea

A - Mid Lea Place
B - Mid Lea Place Terrace
C - Gasholder Park
D - Irwell and Easter yards
E - Crescent Yards
F - Residential Yards

1 - Stephenson Street Bridge
2 - Milner Road Footbridge
3 - West ham Station Link
4 - New road spur from Stephenson Street Bridge
5 - East Crescent access

6 - West Crescent access

7 - Improve existing Crows Road underpass
8 - Substation
9 - Location for CHP if necessary
10 - Proposed East london Science School
11 - Proposed West Ham Station Entrance
12 - Proposed connections to Gasholders

13 - Wildplay areas
14 - Leisure Centre
15 - Community Gallery

Our proposal for Mid Lea is a place that embraces its unique location and becomes a catalyst for the creation of a new district in East London. With fast transport links to the city and nearby world class leisure facilities, it proposes characterful and robust new places for 2,500 new homes, over 3,000 new jobs and ongoing opportunities for the local

Our scheme proposed a number of distinct characters and new public spaces. Mid Lea provides a formal plaza and civic space creating a focus of public life around West Ham station.  The North and South Cresent create a series of more traditional streets and courtyards blocks. Irwell Yards is characterised by an open block morphology that sets up a finer grain of routes, connections and intimate spaces, mixing workspace with residential. The Gasholder Park provides expansive greenspace along with places for events amoungst the iconic wrought-iron structures of the old gas holders. 

Looking into Irwell and Eastern Yard from a fourth floor balcony

View into Irwell and Eastern Yards showing the School and bridge to behind

Key Plan: Irwell Yard

Concept Section: Irwell Yard

Looking north along Stephenson High Street with the new school on the right

View from Mid Lea Terrace looking back over Gas Holder park to the city

Gasholder park looking towards the station

Stephenson Street, Newham, London, UK





Hadley Mace, Realstar Group, Peabody

Design team

Arup, Studio Woodroffe Papa, Alison Brooks Architects, Metropolitan Workshop, shed KM, HTA Design


2500 residential units of mixed tenure, workspace + retail

Site area

10.62 ha

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