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Singapore Science Park, Singapore, SG

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Studio Woodroffe Papa were commissioned to deliver the principles, strategic guidelines and master plan for the long-term transformation of two of the oldest science parks in Singapore. This is to take advantage of its location at the heart of an emerging knowledge district. A transformation is needed in order to respond to the move from primary R+D that is focused on their own research and technology development, to being part of rapidly evolving value chains that look outward towards their regional and global networks. 

1. Singapore Science Parks 1 + 2    2. One North    3. National University of Singapore    4.  University Town, NUS    5. Downtown Singapore    6. Gardens by the Bay

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Science Park 1 + 2 Clusters.jpg

Singapore Science Parks 1 + 2

Clusters and Phases

Cluster 1 masterplan, Science Park 1

Science Park 1 & 2 presents a new challenge and opportunity to create new synergies for business and to spatially transform an operating science park in order to offer outstanding workspace for tomorrow’s fast moving companies. The transformation of Science Park 1 & 2 depends on improving connections and integrating diversified business environments that are pedestrian-based and rich in amenities - i.e. a resource base for talent.


Our proposals reconceive the roles of architecture, circulation and landscape to create an integrated and synergistic network of research and business environments. Science Park 1 & 2 still reflects an older generation of technology park, based upon isolated buildings with landscape as the leftover space between them. Business integration was unachievable! “Urban Campus” moves away from the old 'spine and spur' model of isolated buildings, towards a principle of 'clusters'. Over time, a series of insertions, extensions and replacements will densify the parks and enable a new and more vibrant urban morphology to emerge.

DIAGRAM-spine to spur.jpg

Current Organisation: Spine and Spur

Proposed Organisation: Campus

Creating a richer sequence of pedestrian friendly spaces that are a focus for generous civic and educational amenities and for public and communal gatherings. 

Our project is premised on two driving ambitions : to initiate a collaborative and flexible business environment, and the formation of an interactive urban fabric. The term  'collaborative business environment' refers to the creation of collaborative business spaces on the lower floors of new buildings supported by interactive spaces between retail, cafés and workspace. The term 'flexible business environment' refers to the establishment of forward-looking, membership-based spaces for business with diverse opportunities for client exit strategies.


The slopes of Kent Ridge give the Science Parks their distinctive character, but are also in part responsible for their isolation. The design challenge is to turn topography to advantage.  The key challenges of new development at the Parks are to improve pedestrian mobility and to integrate a rich range of spaces and functions. The steep topography enables interesting solutions to both. In relation to prioritizing pedestrian mobility while continuing to accommodate private cars and effective servicing, the slope can enable  drop-off, servicing, and parking access to be separated from a pedestrian environment of lifestyle amenities. This is particularly relevant under current regulatory conditions in which URA insists upon clear separation of business-park and commercial functions.

1265_Cluster1_AXO- kent ridge
1265_Cluster1_AXO-science park drive.jpg
1265_Cluster1_AXO- lobby.jpg
1265_Cluster1_AXO- amenities.jpg

Establishing kent ridge terrace

Creating a presence on Science Park Drive

Lobbies as key spaces of integration

Locating key lifestyle amenties


Stage 1 of the masterplan - Ascent by Studio Woodroffe Papa  

Finbarr_Fallon_Serie_SciencePk_07_reduced for web_2.jpg

Stage 2 of the masterplan - 5 Science Park Drive by Serie Architects 

Singapore Science Park, Singapore, SG



Ascendas Land Pte

Site Area

55 ha


Offices, retail and commercial space, restaurants, event facilities, 300 car parking spaces

Design Team

Studio Woodroffe Papa with Lawrence Barth

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