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Planned Care Centre, North-West Quadrant, Derriford, Plymouth, UK

The Planned Care Centre (PCC) is a new stand-alone care facility that forms part of the North West Quadrant site at Derriford Hospital. The scope and speciality of clinical care to be delivered within the PCC is likely to be orthopedic, but the design and clinical content of spaces means the new building will not be limited to a single speciality. The new building will combine diagnostic, operating theatres, consulting and inpatient spaces into one building meaning it can function in its own right while remaining part of the main hospital care setting. The new building is set to offer a radical change in community healthcare provision for the area. It will be a one-stop shop for important outpatient services. Integrated provision is at the heart of the notion of patient focused care, not only centralizing expertise and accessibility for patients, but also providing an organizational base and the ability to share knowledge and best practice for staff.  The building plays a key role in defining a new generous south facing public plaza, shown above, at the centre of the North West Quadrant Site. 

The Entrance + Welcome Lounge 

View of the PCC looking from the south with the Woodland Respite Garden to the east and Public Plaza to the west. 

The building is organised over three levels, negotiating a steeply sloping site that falls from the northwest to the southeast. The y-shaped form of the building allows a number of high quality trees to be retained on the site, forming a woodland respite garden in the southeast corner of the site, whilst on the southwest side the building defines a new generous south facing public plaza.  The northern wings of the building create an urban edge clearly defining a new street to the north of the site, along which the main entrance, taxi drop off and bus stops are located.  Retail units activate the plaza, whilst servicing and back of house functions are tucked under the building set back into the slope. The plaza level allows for the delivery of public spaces whilst not affecting the privacy of the clinical spaces on the upper levels.

Cross section through the public stair, welcome lounge and courtyard








The Courtyard, shown above, is located at the heart of the building and is an important reference point in the organization of the plan. It connects the entrance level to the plaza and respite garden via an external public stair.  It brings light deep into the plan on the clinical levels, and can be viewed from a double height space in the welcome lounge creating a visual point of reference when circulating around the building.

Plaza Level Plan - Retail, Restaurant, Courtyard, Loading and Support Zone

Entrance Level Plan - Entrance, Welcome Lounge, Imaging, Outpatients and Admin Zone

Upper Level Plan - Wards, Theaters and Recovery

Wider Masterplan for the North West Quadrant 

Planned Care Centre, North-West Quadrant, Derriford, Plymouth, UK



Wharfside Regeneration Ltd

Design Team

Studio Woodroffe Papa, Curl la Tourelle Head, to-studio, Jane Imbush Consultancy 


10,100 sqm of clinical space, 710 sqm of retail space and 1,400 sqm of ancillary space

Site area

1.5 ha

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