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Paspoel Anders, Tongeren, BE

The rectangular site is currently occupied by three tower blocks sur­rounded by open parkland that lacks legibility and identity. The buildings are experiencing increasing technical and structural problems and will therefore be replaced giving all the residents new homes.


A complex choreography of phasing is required, during which the decanting of residents, demolition of blocks and construction of new buildings will be delivered incrementally over a six year period while retaining residents on site at all times. The site is also recognised as being of archaeological importance. The area for new development is therefore confined to within the boundaries of the foundations of the existing tow­er blocks and a small, basement car park.

Four Phases of Development


Construction begins on the first phase. Photograph by Lisette Lenaers. 

Our proposal establishes a strong urban framework with a focus on increasing the quality and diversity of accommodation for the residents while creating new spaces that integrate the development more effectively with the surrounding community.


Due to the fact that the buildable land is set back from the site perimeter, the challenge has been to create clear and safe boundaries. A combination of medium-rise blocks and low-rise terraces form an ensemble of differentiated spaces that define a much clearer set of thresholds between public and private life.


A new pedestrian street in the heart of the development gives formal access across the site. A sequence of spaces - play grounds, orchard gardens and communal courtyards - creates an informal diagonal route across the site linking key access points from the surrounding neighbourhood. This culminates in a plaza in the site's south-west corner with facilities for the wider community.


Ground Floor Plan

Typical Section


'Paspoel Anders', Tongeren, BE



Gewestelijke Huisvestingsmaatschappij Woonzo cvba


192 apartments

Community center

130 underground parking spaces

Site area

1.6 ha

Building costs

EUR 23,000,000

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