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High Road West, Tottenham, Haringey, London, UK

1315 LA1 Axon - FINAL - Crop.jpg

Situated between Tottenham High Road and the railway line, the site will bridge the redevelopment of White Hart Lane station and the new Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium, creating a series of new public spaces and facilities for the community.  Haringey Council and the London Development Agency set an ambitious agenda for the project to deliver a scheme with at least 2500 new homes of mixed tenure an new public library and leisure centre along with retail and workspace. 

Placemaking - three strands of the masterplan

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The Green Spine

The Enterprise Mews

Love Lane

Layers of the masterplan - defining the central principles

Access + Movement

Public space network

Key destinations

The masterplan has evolved out of the place: reinforcing existing and historic street patterns, complimenting the High Street and stitching in to adjacent nodes and routes.  This proposal for High Road West will create a step change in the urban fabic and public realm in the area, creating a sustainable new neighbourhood that has evolved out of the historic character of the area.  High Road West beneftis from a unique collection of surrounding environmental and built assets. Our masterplan has been developed to celebrate their quality, transform their setting and stitch together with high quality wayfinding and public realm design.

11 Love lane.jpg
12 Green spine.jpg

The Green Spine

The masterplan is characterised by a series of distinct linear routes that work adjacent to the High Road, creating a new local centre.  A key concept behind the masterplan is to create a neighbourhood that complements and enhances the historic and primary route of the High Road, as well as White Hart Lane. The starting point was to undertake a review of successful London local centres that have major routes running through them. To achieve a successful place with a major road adjacent, there is often a complementary spine that runs alongside.  The main road acts as the primary artery, a robust street that is able to facilitate large vehicle movements including buses, lorries, vans and private vehicles as well as cater for significant footfall. However, off these roads, and often running in parallel are smaller, quieter, more incidental routes that weave off the main Road. It is often these streets, courtyards and squares off this route that people meet for a coffee, enjoy their lunch outside or stop to read a book.  It is these quieter spaces that people often want to stop, meet and linger in that so successfully complement busy and frenetic London Streets.

1314_HRW_S333_Block 26.jpg

An active ground floor that integrates residential front doors, retail, parking and amenities.

1315 HRW 2016 TYPOLOGIES 170428-3.jpg
1315 HRW 2016 TYPOLOGIES-4.jpg
1315 HRW 2016 TYPOLOGIES-1.jpg

Typical Gallery Flat

Ground Floor Maisonette

Upper Level Maisonette

1315_02_100_03_HRW_EnterpriseMews Sectio

The Enterprise Mews: an intimate and exciting space tucked behind the High Road, Enterprise Mews is a home for existing and new makers, creative industries and start-ups in Tottenham.


Enterprise Mews

211028 High Road West.jpg

Enterprise Mews running behind existing businesses on Tottenham High Road

HRW Model Crop.jpg

High Road West, Tottenham, Haringey, London, UK



Haringey Borough Council, London Development Agency


Link City

Design team

Levitt Bernstein, Studio Woodroffe Papa, A-studio, Mcfarlane Associates


2675 homes of mixed tenure, 1,400 m2 public library, 3,000 m2 leisure centre, 4,800 m2 retail space and 1,000 m2 worksapce

Site area

27 ha

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