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Coastwise Masterplan, Storelungaaren, Bergen, NO

Bergen’s harbour front, Store Lungegardsvann, is competing against Oslo’s harbour front to attract locations for creative industries. Unfortunately, Bergen’s harbour front suffers from a general lack of spatial planning. Some waterside development - initiated by private parties - is taking place but it lacks vision, coordination and control.


As a way to unlock the site, the local municipality set up an international competition to establish for an urban vision for the future development of the area. Studio Woodroffe Papa and 3RW's winning proposal reconnects the city to the water with a network of parks and spaces around the water’s edge. Galleries and museums are introduced in these parks in order to extend the city’s ‘cultural axis’ to the water. New recreational islands are also proposed.

1092 Site Photo 02.JPG
1092 Site Photo 01.JPG

Masterplan: future areas of city intensification




Landscape characters

Masterplan Zones

Key lines of movement

s15_high build.jpg

Marker buildings


Key historical buildings

s21_VariertBruk_2000 english.jpg

Locations of key programme - retail (red), creative industry (blue), food and beverage (orange), library (purple), gallery (yellow)

The ‘cultural axis’ is reinforced by a business and university quarter on a new ‘artificial hill’ in Nygardstangen, close to Bergen’s central railway station and to the place where the highway enters the city. The ‘artificial hill’ hides parking and servicing for the station, while offering pedestrian-friendly spaces for recreation, relaxation and informal social interaction. In 2013, 3RW Arkitekter completed an early phase of the project: a waterfront housing project for 750 students.

Masterplan early phase: waterfront student housing by 3RW Arkitekter

Coastwise Masterplan, Storelungaaren, Bergen, NO



Municipality of Bergen 


Business & cultural facilities, university campus, parks, residential accommodation

Site area

17 ha

Design team

Studio Woodroffe Papa and 3RW Arkitekter

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