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Singapore HQ Cluster, SG

Tucked away on the south-western edge of Singapore, this project is a new headquarters for a multinational Singapore-based corporation. Based around the concept of an ‘Integrated Community,’ the development uses the existing topography - a valley in the centre of the site - as a natural focal point to the scheme.


In this example of 'cluster formation', buildings are organised perpendicular to a central green space, which functions as a focus for amenities, corporate events and public gatherings. All circulation moves around the central green space. Collaborative business spaces - driven by pedestrian movement and the interaction between retail, cafes and corporate workspace - are created on the lower floors of the buildings. Sky bridges at higher levels connect all the buildings.


Singapore HQ Cluster, SG





130,000m2 office space

10,000m2 retail space

20,000m2 amenities

40,000m2 basement parking + technical rooms

Site area

8 ha

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