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The Square of Rose Revolution, Tbilisi, GE

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The revitalisation of the Square of Rose Revolution (formerly called Republic Square) includes the redevelopment of more than 3 hectares of land and historic buildings in the centre of the city. It is considered to be one of the most significant projects in Tbilisi, and includes a public pedestrian square for large-scale cultural events, a high-end shopping centre, entertainment facilities, traffic infrastructure and underground parking facilities.

Our concept is based on forging a new relationship between the site topography, the 19th century urban fabric, the 20th century Soviet buildings and the new public space, in order to intensify the drama and experience of the site. The aim is to combine an enhanced shopping and entertainment experience with a stunning new public space celebrating views, water, and light. 


The project is designed around the four key building elements; the Melyk Azariants Atrium Building; the renovation of the Soviet Savane car park building; the Rose Revolution Square and cantilever restaurant; the Kiacheli House office building.  

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The commercial core of the project is the new Melyk Azariants Atrium Shopping and Entertainment complex, with two main anchor stores located at the two prominent corners of the Melyk Azariants. The pedestrian tunnel under Rustaveli Avenue is widened to provide further retail units on the main pedestrian route to the underground public transport system. The large public-information screens add a unique entertainment dimension to the square, providing back-projected video entertainment, art, and news information. Rose Revolution Square is reclaimed from car traffic and returned to the people. All traffic has been removed except for drop-off access on the square and a ramp down to the car park.

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The Square of Rose Revolution, Tbilisi, GE



The Silk Road Group


27,000 m2 retail, 2,000 m2 cinema, 6,500 m2 office, 18,000 m2 car parking


2.5 Ha

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