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Porte du Pantin, Paris, FR

The site, surrounded by run-down housing projects and abandoned factories, occupies a waterfront location in the heart of Pantin, a suburb of Paris that is rapidly becoming the next epicenter of art and culture in the city. This transformation is being driven by the outward migration of Parisians in search of affordable housing and workspace, and by artists and galleries and in search of unique, spacious environments that can house monumental sculptures and works of art.

For redevelopment of the Porte du Patin, S333 worked with Paris-based architects ECDM on the design of a large mixed use residential block in a waterfront masterplan by Eva Samuel Architecte & Associés. Conceived as a single, sculpted building form embedded in the industrial landscape, the project combines expansive living spaces, courtyards and stepped garden terraces with commercial program on the ground floor to activate key locations on the waterfront.

Ground Floor Plan

To reflect the diversity of housing needs, the project proposes a wide variety of apartment typologies – double aspect corner units, duplexes, south-facing single aspect units. In addition, the larger units are designed with sliding partitions increase functional flexibility. Each apartment unit has a winter garden.

Typical Level Plan

By bringing affordable loft-living and workspace to Patin, the project is an ambitious, authentic proposition to capture the character of the location in a form, architectural expression and lifestyle that is in keeping with the area’s distinct urban morphology and unique, industrial heritage.

Porte du Pantin, Paris, FR



Nexity Appolonia


8950 m2 housing, 900 m2 commercial space

Site area

0.3 ha

Design team

S333 + ECDM


Eva Samuel Architect et Associe

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