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Great Kneighton, Trumpington, Cambridge, UK

The continuing demand for housing in Cambridge, which is important for the sustainability of the knowledge and innovation communities has meant a reappraisal of the local Green Belt policy. Great Kneighton therefore has opportunity to create an integral community bringing living, working and leisure together - something that Cambridge has an international reputation for. More specifically, our task is to establish the urban characteristics in the centre of the plan, re-enforcing the feeling of community around Hobson’s Square with shops and public spaces.


The existing masterplan goes a long way in delivering a quality environment. However there is a conflict between the desire to create a dense central area of enclosure and presence, and the number of units at our disposal. Although it is possible to get more on the site, our spatial concept (working within the development constraints) is to concentrate the density and building perimeter to where it is most effective.

Our plan is informed by Cambridge, where urban life and assoctaited activities are concentrated into a small number of main streets, balanced by a diverse variety of communal and private spaces integrating architectural features and landscape qualities.


The layout of our plan strikes a balance between an ‘openness’ and the need to clearly frame and enclose Hobson’s Square, whilst also making sure there are key frontages onto the Green Way, and Great Kneighton Country Park. This arrangement sets up more space for secure, private and semi-private communal gardens, and a more pronounced sense of civic realm.


Edge conditions and illustrative typologies

Great Kneighton, Trumpington, Cambridge, UK



Countryside Properties


17,700m2 housing

1,700m2 commercial space

Site area

2.6 ha

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