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Freiham Education Campus and Sportspark, Munich, DE

Freiham will be a new neighbourhood of about 20.000 inhabitants in the west of Munich. The aim of the competition was to design the main school and sport facilities clustered in a campus near the district centre. The site is located close to an active urban centre and a landscape park marking the edge of Freiham, but at the same time an entrance to Freiham from Munich.


The school campus gathers together three different schools and a canteen around a central car-free space that is connected to the surrounding streets. The underground connection to the sports park gives the opportunity to organise this central space on multiple levels, allowing optimal logistics and differentiated open space environments that can support multiple uses. In the sports park, a row of sport facility buildings are located along the street while the sport fields on the western edge create a transition to the wider landscape.


Freiham Education Campus and Sportspark, Munich, DE



City Council of Munich


15 ha


40.000m2 primary school, special needs school, seconday school, junior high school, library and canteen

60.000m2 sport halls, schwimming pool, climbing facility, skatepark, communty centre

Design team

S333 with m8 Architekten and GROSS. MAX

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