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Castle Hill, Ebbsfleet, Kent Thameside, UK


Castle Hill is a European quarter celebrating 21st Century lifestyles. Castle Hill will exploit the unique location and its topography to create a contemporary ‘hill town’. This will have a hierarchy of spaces delivering distinct characters from public squares and waterfront promenades to more intimate domestic places; mews, courts and lanes. A rich mix of dwelling types supports this vibrant place.


Ebbsfleet Valley is a former chalk quarry next to Bluewater Shopping Centre in an area of Kent known as Kent Thameside. With its proximity to Ebbsfleet International Station it is just 17 mins from St Pancras and 2 hrs from Paris. This unique opportunity combined with the scale and ambition of the project led to a collaborative approach that resulted in a sustainable, diverse and characterful masterplan and architectural framework. A close engagement with Kent County Council throughout the process ensured a robust framework.


Public realm 

Steet Typologies

Masterplan Zones 

1194 lanes overview.jpg

Mews Cluster

Lanes Cluster

The Architectural Masterplan establishes a spatial structure that extends the three dimensional possibilities of the outline plan by Barton Willmore. The framework is not meant to be prescriptive, but it does establish the public realm spatial required and the fundamental principles that underpin the characters proposed in each area. This supports varied density, mix and typology of housing. Two dominant landscape axes were developed as major character drivers. The scale of these routes enable them to support a series of distinct linear spaces, which will provide a legible walking structure and a progressive sense of arrival for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

1194_perspective 02.jpg
1194_perspective 01.jpg

Castle Hill will support aspirations for choice and diversity, while nurturing the strong desire for family living alongside a true sense of community. All of this will deliver a place with a unique identity and lasting appeal.

64+65 Zoomed in plan-01.jpg
1211 C Lane Typology 090119lh-01.jpg
1211 D Lane Typology 090119LH-01.jpg

Lanes Cluster

Lanes Cluster Typologies

Castle Hill, Ebbsfleet, Kent Thameside, UK



Land Securities


Masterplan for 1200 units and reserved matters for 350 units, mixed tenure

Site area

0.2 ha

Design team

Studio Woodroffe Papa, Proctor and Matthews Architects and Space Craft Architects

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