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Bircham Park Care Quarter, North West Quadrant, Plymouth, UK

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Derriford Hospital is the largest hospital in the southwest and the area will experience significant growth over the next five years that will impact upon the medical sector. The Trust’s assets are currently spread out and there is an ambition is to bring these disparate services together into a more sustainable environment whilst releasing the land they are currently occupying. Our vision is for a new urban centre adjacent to the Hospital sitting between the hospital and Tavistock Road that connects Plymouth city centre with Plymouth Airport.

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1. North West Quadrant    2. Derriford Hospital    3. Retail Park    4.  Nuffield Health    5. Plymouth Science Park    6. Plymouth University Faculty of Medicine    7. Centre for Health + Wellbeing   8. Peninsula NHS Treatment Centre

Healthcare services in the future need to address wellbeing and reduce where possible ‘social isolation’ and to enable this we need to consider a new model of care, where all partners will collaborate. As health care is become more integrated within the urban environment our site will fulfill a number of growing needs for community care. This will be physically separate but fully support the acute care provision.

A mixed-use fabric will be created with offices, ‘Care Square’, research and other service and knowledge based economies related to the medical sector. Housing will also be provided.

The masterplan will provide a high quality public realm of urban spaces - courts, streets and parks - that promote more sustainable living with the health benefits of green environments. This will encourage exercise and allow people to walk and reflect, which may form part of their treatment rather than having counselling in a stale room.

The plan optimizes the steeply sloped site and the subsequent multiple levels to create micro-climates, give character to terraces gardens and parks, hide car parking, give clear access to different parts of mixed use buildings and deliver density at the bottom of the slope without onerous impact on the skyline.

19.05.23 Hierarchy Diagrams - Public Rea
19.05.23 Hierarchy Diagrams - Landscape
19.05.23 Hierarchy Diagrams - Framework.
19.05.23 Hierarchy Diagrams - Active Fro


Landscape Zones

Development plots

Active frontages


First phase of the masterplan - our Bircham Park MSCP


Second phase of the masterplan - our Planned Care Centre

Bircham Park Care Quarter, North West Quadrant, Plymouth, UK



Wharfside Regeneration Ltd

Site Area

5.3 ha


10,000 m2 of healthcare uses, 3,250 m2 of retail, 21,000 m2 of residential units of mixed tenure, 4,900 m2 of workspace and parking for 770 cars. 

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