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Ascendas Dalian IT Building, Dalian, PRC 

Since 2003, S333 have been assisting Ascendas to develop their next generation of business and science parks. These new initiatives in urban transformation are associated with the growing knowledge economy and propose more sustainable urban communities. The goal is to establish urban and architectural guidelines that can support the emerging trend for the urbanisation of innovation and cross-sector business synergies. This is achieved by bringing multi-tenanted buildings and stand-alone offices together with amenities, F&B outlets and high-quality landscape and civic spaces to form mixed-use ‘integrated communities’.

The Ascendas Dalian IT Park occupies a hilltop location overlooking the city’s future IT corridor. Our task was to develop further an initial masterplan - within which three buildings had already been built - by establishing a clear organisation of buildings, landscape, civic plazas, routing, way-finding and the location of amenities on the steep, sloping site.

We safeguarded the building value already embedded in the site and brought spatial coherence to the buildings and their context. Looking to the future, we established urban and architectural guidelines for transforming the IT Park into an ‘integrated community’, one of Ascendas’s key business and spatial planning strategies for enhancing the project’s value proposition.

In the Ascendas Dalian IT Building, the ground floor is given over to common amenities. The ground floor entrance lobby extends through the building, connecting plaza and drop-off areas located on the southern side with food and beverage amenities located on the northern side. The façade is designed to articulate each elevation’s different solar requirements.

Ascendas Dalian IT Building, Dalian, PRC 



Ascendas Land Pte


37,000m2 Office Space

500m2 Amenity Space

100 Underground Parking Spaces

Site area

1 ha

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