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High Road West, Tottenham, Haringey, London, UK


Forming part of masterplan proposals for the redevelopment of White Hart Lane station and the new Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium in High Road West, The Enterprise Mews is an intimate and exciting space tucked behind the High Road, Enterprise Mews is a home for existing and new makers, creative industries and start-ups in Tottenham.

Masterplan Enterprise Mews.jpg
Enterprise Mews Diagram.jpg

The Enterprise Mews in the context of the wider High Road West masterplan.

1315-02-200-01-MEWS PERSPECTIVE.jpg

The arrangement of new built form and tight-grained, animated streets offers potential for events within the publicly accessible yards. The fabric of these spaces will reflect their use as working environments with a strong reference to the historic creative trades of Tottenham. The public art strategy will augment hard landscape finishes referencing the furniture manufacturing, stationary production and that were so prevalent in the area.   Sustainable drainage will focus on using surface water in open channels with limited instances of rain garden style planting to further highlight the listed buildings. Street furniture will be uncluttered and efficient in its placement with a paving palette that focuses on small unit paving and considered hard detailing. Specimen trees in clear-stem and multi-stem forms will offer fine textural qualities at appropriate scales with instances of vertical greening, so well associated with mews spaces.

1315_02_100_03_HRW_EnterpriseMews Sectio

The Enterprise Mews concept elevation

211028 High Road West.jpg

Enterprise Mews running behind existing businesses on Tottenham High Road

HRW Model Crop.jpg

High Road West, Tottenham, Haringey, London, UK



Haringey Borough Council, London Development Agency


Link City

Design team

Levitt Bernstein, Studio Woodroffe Papa, A-studio, Mcfarlane Associates


2675 homes of mixed tenure, 1,400 m2 public library, 3,000 m2 leisure centre, 4,800 m2 retail space and 1,000 m2 worksapce

Site area

27 ha

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