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Arna, Bergen, NO

In the coming years, Bergen’s population is expected to rise to 440,000 inhabitants. Working with 3RW Arkitekter, Jérôme Picard and ecologist Christian E. Mong, S333 proposed a modular system of floating housing as part of a densification strategy for Arna, one of the 8 boroughs in the city.


Despite being close to the center of Bergen, Arna is separated by a huge mountain, so while the trip between Bergen and Arna takes only 7 minutes by train through the mountain, it takes more than 45 minutes by car around the mountain. Arna therefore feels very remote when traveling by car and due to the surrounding mountains also suffers from reduced sunlight especially in the winter months.

Arna's lack of appeal has meant that other boroughs in Bergen such as Åsane, Fana and Sandsli have grown whilst Arna has remained dormant. For Arna, this has led to more than 30 years of minimal investment in infrastructure and public space.


But all of this is about to change. The opportunity to re-think the future of Arna has been triggered by the city’s plans to widen the rail tunnel link, upgrade Arna’s train station and increase the number of commuter trains. And there are plans to densify Arna in response to the expanding population.


Site: Suggested Patterns of Movement

Arna, Bergen, NO



Bergen City Council


5000 housing units, station area, mixed-use activities

Site area

80 ha

Design team

S333, 3RW Arkitekter, Jérôme Picard and Christian E. Mong

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